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Learn how to address your low energy, sleep issues, tummy troubles, hormone problems, acne, stubborn weight, mood imbalances, headaches, pain, and other chronic symptoms using natural therapies and a root-cause approach. 


You have so much power  when it comes to changing your health! You just need the right information and guidance...

Real talk: there isn't one form of medicine that can be everything for everyone. That's why I've spent years studying three different holistic approaches! Three ways of understanding what's going on in your body. Three incredibly effective systems that address the root causes of your health concerns. No matter which symptoms or conditions you're dealing with, this combo of natural medicine can help you build health!


chinese MEDICINE

Balance your Qi and positively impact any symptom or condition

naturopathic MEDICINE

Support + empower your inner healer and address YOUR root causes

functional MEDICINE

Optimize physiology + function so you can create lasting health

Private Consults

Get the guidance you need, while learning how to take care of your body + create lasting health ...naturally!

Personalized support so you can cut through all the noise and misinformation, identify the root causes of your symptoms and health concerns, give your body the right support, and create lasting health. It's time you stopped searching for answers and started learning root-cause solutions.


your roadmap to health


Abundant energy + restful sleep

Balanced metabolism + healthy weight loss

Happy hormones + optimal gut health

Glowing skin + emotional wellbeing

Functional Labs

If your lab results keep coming back normal and you're tired of searching for answers, I can help you get the info + insight you need.

Understanding what's going on in your body is an important part of changing your health! That's why I've been trained in advanced functional testing that evaluates bloodwork, gut and microbiome health, hormonal balance, adrenal and thyroid function, inflammation, nutritional status, environmental toxins, and more.

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all my symptoms turned around!

"Dr. Mamie has been such a gift in my life for the past year. I could not recommend her more highly!

When I started working with her, I was feeling desperate and discouraged. So many things were out of balance (skin, digestion, my cycle, energy, mental health, sleep). It feels so amazingly peaceful to finally be on an upward trajectory with my health." 

"She's the type of doctor who still thinks of better ways to help treat you even after your visit is over.


i wouldn't think twice about seeing her

There's no conversation that she's unable to wholeheartedly listen to without judgment. She knows how to hold space for her patients. If this is your first visit then rest assured that you have found a caring, compassionate, and competent doctor."

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